New Movers

Reach new movers with precision using our New Movers Marketplace. Boost your ROI and increase conversions by promoting your products and services to this highly engaged audience

Enhance Your Targeting Strategy and Reach High-Converting Consumers with New Movers Marketplace Custom Audiences

  • New movers spend over $150 billion (about $460 per person in the US) annually on products and services in the months following their move. 
  • The VentiveIQ New Movers Marketplace allows marketers to build highly targeted audiences with customizable criteria.
  • The new mover’s database enables marketers to create custom and lookalike audiences of their best-performing consumers. 
  • Marketers can be the first to engage with new movers and capture more of their dollars, driving ROI and conversions. 

Advantages of the New Movers Marketplace

  • Comprehensive, multi-sourced, and permissibly obtained data on new movers, updated daily and thoroughly validated 
  • Access to rich data sources, including both transactional and self-reported new movers, with numerous consumer attributes available 
  • A dynamic database consisting of hundreds of millions of names and over a billion historical address records. 

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