Data Products Designed To Power Your Growth!

VentiveIQ developed an open and independent data platform focused on cookieless identity resolution, first-party data onboarding, and audience marketing. Whether you’re concerned about cookie expiration, omnichannel activation, or rising data expenses, VentiveIQ makes it simple for customers to integrate data, target groups, and assess results.

Identity Graph

Our Identity Graph helps you collect, connect, cleanse, and activate your audience data, enabling companies to connect all their data sources and create an in-depth, 360-degree view of their audience.

Business Graph

Create lead lists free of questionable data, inappropriate buyers, and low-quality leads.

Device Graph

VentiveIQ MAID Graph gives you a view into how people connect to digital experiences across devices. With billions of data points and growing. We enable key connection touchpoints such as registration, authentication, and browser events of people and households to their digital devices.

Viewership Graph

High quality linear data collected live and time-Shifted usage across all devices in a home to IP and household.