IP Onboarding

Broaden Your Digital Device Visibility At The Household Level

With VentiveIQ’s global cross-device solution, you can use privacy-compliant IP addresses as an onboarding ID to build your graph. VentiveIQ’s Graph connects those addresses to devices and other IDs associated with the same IPs, providing a privacy-safe view of households. 

Tip: By combining IP onboarding with VentiveIQ’s CTV ID offering, brands and agencies can benefit from more comprehensive connections for cross-platform initiatives. 

Maximize Your Marketing Potential with IP Onboarding for:

  • Linking digital IDs to each other: IP onboarding enables marketers to link digital IDs to each other, providing a more complete view of customer behavior across devices and platforms. 
  • Implementing frequency capping and suppression: With IP onboarding, you can implement frequency capping and suppression, which limits the number of times a particular ad is shown to a specific user. 
  • Analyzing customer behavior and attribution: By linking offline data sources with online data sources, you can gain a more complete understanding of customer behavior and how it relates to your marketing efforts. 

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