Better Data at Every Stage

VentiveIQ developed an open and independent data platform focused on cookieless identity resolution, first-party data onboarding, and audience marketing.Whether you’re concerned about cookie expiration, omnichannel activation, or rising data expenses, VentiveIQ makes it simple for customers to integrate data, target groups, and evaluate results.

We make it possible for Brands, Agencies, and Platforms to Get Results.

Data-driven audience segmentation, deep learning, and performance optimization boost the return of your digital and TV campaigns. Build custom audiences and deliver programmatic segments to your account.

Enterprise Identity Management

Enhanced identity accuracy fuels personalization and sharing.

Target and Measure

Connect with your consumers across devices with a better understanding.

Message Personalization

Personalize your messages with paid, earned and programmatic efforts.

Identity Resolution

Match offline to online or online to offline customer and business data at scale.

Data Enrichment

Turn bad lists into sales opportunities by adding accurate data points.

Reach and Scale

Reach out to customers across devices and expand to new, untapped markets.

Customer Acquisition

Our approach to customer acquisition is straightforward. Get to know your next customers, and then make sure they know who you are. Our smart targeting quickly boosts the return on advertising investment.


Reach B2B Prospects Wherever They Go

Our ABM Graph gives B2B marketers access to high-value consumers wherever they are, whether they are at work or at home.