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Expand Your Mobile Reach with VentiveIQ

Unleash the Power of Mobile-to-Mobile Connections to Maximize Your Reach and Scale.

With more consumers relying on mobile-only or multiple mobile connections, it’s crucial to expand your mobile device reach. VentiveIQ’s net-new, mobile-only clusters offer a greater opportunity to target multiple devices through mobile ad IDs. Our vast database, the VentiveIQ Graph, enables you to tap into a previously untapped pool of mobile devices for more effective targeting. Connect with consumers where they spend the majority of their online time through mobile-to-mobile clusters. 

As the number of mobile-only or multiple mobile connections increases, it’s crucial to enhance your mobile device reach. VentiveIQ’s net-new, mobile-only clusters provide more opportunities to reach multiple devices through targetable mobile ad IDs. The VentiveIQ Graph offers access to unseen mobile devices for effective targeting. Leverage mobile-to-mobile connections for targeting, frequency capping and suppression, journey mapping, attribution, and customer conquesting (for telcos). 

How to Leverage mobile-to-mobile: 

  • Based on individual clusters with 2+ mobile ad IDs (MAID) 
  • Scale subject to primary IDs provided 
  • Comprehensive journey mapping and attribution 
  • Reach consumers at the individual and/or household level 

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