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Enhance Your Digital Identity Resolution with VentiveIQ’s Hashed Email Data VentiveIQ’s Hashed Email data provides a privacy-safe digital identifier that can enhance and expand the functionality of digital identity resolution. By combining Hashed Email data with other digital identifiers, VentiveIQ can provide maximum coverage for advertising, targeting, and measurement use cases. Contact us today to learn more about how VentiveIQ’s Hashed Email data can improve your digital marketing strategy. 

VentiveIQ's Privacy-First Approach

At VentiveIQ, we prioritize privacy and security when it comes to handling data. We do not use or receive any personally identifiable information (PII) as part of our datasets or through the use of hashed email addresses for onboarding. 

To ensure data privacy, we adhere to strict technical restrictions and security protocols. All emails we receive from customers and data sources are hashed using SHA256, SHA1, or MD5 hashing mechanisms.  

We do not allow for the re-identification of identifiable individuals via hashed email addresses, and we prohibit any merger of PII with de-identified data as a general rule. You can trust VentiveIQ to prioritize data privacy and security in all of our services. 

How to Use VentiveIQ's Hashed Email Data:

  • Incorporating new data: If you have a customer email list, you can upload it to VentiveIQ and have it hashed. This will enable you to match your list to VentiveIQ’s hashed email data and identify which of your customers are also present in their data. 
  • Enhancing existing data: By matching your data to VentiveIQ’s hashed email data, you can gain insights into your customers’ online behaviors and interests. This can be used to better understand your customers and target them with more relevant marketing messages and offers. 
  • Expanding target audiences: By identifying online behaviors and interests associated with specific email addresses, you can target individuals who may not be on your email list but who are likely to be interested in your products or services. 
  • Activating social media marketing: By matching your email list to social media platforms, you can target your customers on these platforms with personalized ads and messages. 
  • Preparing for a Cookie less future: By using hashed email data, you can still track and target individuals across devices and platforms without relying on cookies. 

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