CTV Viewership

In the world of digital marketing, connected TV advertising is emerging as a high-impact channel for 2022 and beyond, capturing the attention of marketers worldwide.

VentiveIQ’s CTV/OTT Behavioral Data Offers Rich Insights VentiveIQ’s Total Home Panel provides valuable behavioral data based on CTV/OTT viewership behaviors. It allows brands to target elusive SVOD and heavy streaming consumers, including viewers of Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. Our router-based Total Home Panel passively measures tens of thousands of WiFi-connected devices to capture new technology as it emerges. Leveraging deterministic streaming data as a seed set, our precision modeling techniques ensure accuracy and scalability, while preserving panelist privacy. Combine our CTV/OTT behavioral data with your internal data for valuable analytics and optimized campaign performance. 

Samples/Tables Included: – OTT data – Taxonomy 

Fields Included: – User ID – ID Type – Segment ID – Segment Name 

Marketing Dollars Flow to CTV Audiences

As the number of mobile-only or multiple mobile connections increases, it’s crucial to enhance your mobile device reach. VentiveIQ’s net-new, mobile-only clusters provide more opportunities to reach multiple devices through targetable mobile ad IDs. The VentiveIQ Graph offers access to unseen mobile devices for effective targeting. Leverage mobile-to-mobile connections for targeting, frequency capping and suppression, journey mapping, attribution, and customer conquesting (for telcos). 

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