VentiveIQ’s Identity solution consolidates scattered identity data points to provide a comprehensive understanding of each customer or prospect’s identity. By linking various elements such as names, IP addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, mobile ad IDs, hashed emails, and more, VentiveIQ creates a single, reliable source of truth for everyone’s identity. 

Hashed Email

Improve Your Digital Identity Resolution with VentiveIQ’s Hashed Email Data, which offers a secure and privacy-compliant digital identifier that can enhance and extend the capabilities of digital identity resolution. VentiveIQ can integrate Hashed Email data with other digital identifiers to provide comprehensive coverage for advertising, targeting, and measurement purposes. To discover how VentiveIQ’s Hashed Email data can enhance your digital marketing strategy, contact us today. 

IP Onboarding

VentiveIQ’s global cross-device solution allows you to expand your visibility of digital devices at the household level. By using privacy-compliant IP addresses as an onboarding ID to build your graph, VentiveIQ’s Graph can connect those addresses to devices and other IDs associated with the same IPs, providing a privacy-safe view of households. This solution provides businesses with a more comprehensive understanding of their target audience’s digital behavior, enabling them to tailor their marketing efforts to better meet their needs. 

Mobile Graph

Unlock the Potential of Mobile-to-Mobile Connections for Maximum Reach and Scale. As more consumers depend on mobile-only or multiple mobile connections, it becomes essential to expand your mobile device reach. VentiveIQ’s mobile-only clusters offer a unique opportunity to target multiple devices through mobile ad IDs. By utilizing our extensive database, the VentiveIQ Graph, you can access an untapped pool of mobile devices for more effective targeting. Reach out to customers where they spend the majority of their online time through mobile-to-mobile clusters. 

CTV Viewership

VentiveIQ’s Total Home Panel captures valuable behavioral data from CTV/OTT viewership behaviors, offering rich insights for brands to target elusive SVOD and heavy streaming consumers, including viewers of Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. The router-based panel passively measures tens of thousands of Wi-Fi-connected devices to capture emerging technology, and deterministic streaming data serves as a seed set for precision modeling techniques, ensuring accuracy, scalability, and panelist privacy. By combining VentiveIQ’s CTV/OTT behavioral data with internal data, brands can gain valuable analytics and optimize campaign performance.