Enhance B2C Data with a World-Class Consumer Audience Solutions.

Identify New Consumers with Over 500 million Unique Records.


The Ventive IQ Identity Graph Helps You Understand High-Value Consumers Across Anonymous Engagements, Serving as a Key First Step Toward a Comprehensive View of Their Journey.

A single profile of your customers wherever they’re at.

Our Identity Graph encompasses a vast array of online & offline identifiers, making it the industry’s strongest data spine and the ideal basis for your customer database. Create a single, unified view of your prospects and customers whether they’re sitting at the conference or kitchen table and improve the B2C customer experience.

Improved Segmentation to Enhance B2C Customer Acquisition.

Cut through the noise and reach your audience in meaningful ways through data-driven audience segmentation, deep learning, and performance optimization. Build custom audiences and programmatic segments to deliver relevant content and improve your customer acquisition costs.

✅Maximize Productivity & Growth
✅Speed Past Your Competition
✅Detailed Analytics for your Data

Turbocharge your B2C marketing strategy with detailed insights.

Connect with your consumers across devices with a better understanding with detailed analytics.

✅Enhance your Brand’s First-party Data
✅Retarget B2C Users Across Devices
✅Manage Suppression & Ad Frequency
✅Mapping Across Consumer Journey

Make Better Decisions with Cross-Device Identity Resolution.

Keep customer data safe while providing data-driven use cases for marketing campaigns across devices and channels. Built to help brands and agencies make smarter marketing decisions, understand their audience better and increase their revenue.

✅Engage With Your Prospects Across Devices
✅Customer Journey, Measure & Optimize Engagement
✅Create Consistent Messaging Across Channels