Boost Consumer Audiences with Topnotch B2B Data Enhancements

VentiveIQ developed an open and independent data platform focused on cookieless identity resolution, first-party data onboarding, and audience marketing. Whether you’re concerned about cookie expiration, omnichannel activation, or rising data expenses, VentiveIQ makes it simple for customers to integrate data, target groups, and assess results.


The Ventiveiq Identity Graph Helps You Craft the Right Combination of Data to Serve People the Right Message at the Right Time.

Build a World-Class Database for Your Agency’s customers.

VentiveIQ gives agencies the power to finally create, test, and optimize audiences. Our Identity Graph enables B2B agencies to build audiences on the industry’s most robust data spine. And since you own your audiences, you can develop a deeper knowledge of your consumers, generate lookalike audiences based on your top customers, and reach them anywhere with a true omni-channel marketing approach.

B2B Customer Experience for Agencies.

Better ad targeting, personalization that relates, and performance optimization. Create ideal audience segments with personalized site experiences with deep learning to improve your customer’s experience.

Maximize Productivity & Growth
Speed Past Your Competition
Detailed Analytics for your Data

Enhance your B2B Marketing Strategy with World-Class Analytics.

✅Enhance First-Party Data
✅Target Users on Multiple Devices
✅Manage Suppression & Ad Frequency
✅Reach Users Across Multiple Parts of the Customer Journey

Improve B2B Customer Acquisition for Your Agency & Your Clients.

Build the database you need to capture first-party data and create truly personalized marketing. Improve customer acquisition for your clients that can: Built to help agencies make smarter marketing decisions, understand their consumer’s audience better and improve campaign performance.

✅Increase Shopping Frequency & Aov.
✅Improve Retention and Customer Ltv.
✅Capture Detailed Insights for Better Engagement.